Who I am...

While having a life I consider ordinary, many have said that what I do, how I live, what I’ve done is nothing but… After graduating high school at 16 and going straight into college at 17, my focus started to change from academic to business while never losing touch with my true passion, technology, computers and the internet! I started my first business at 18 and went from building and fixing computers to even starting a Wireless ISP in Mexico at 25…..

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Value of Time

Nothing is as valuable as time! The moments that have passed are never coming back and you will never have another opportunity to live this moment in your life except for right now, so…. What kind of life are you living? Are you overwhelmed by stress, do your problems get the better of you or do you wake up excited for the day, full of energy, full of life? Let’s do this, let’s make that change! Live today to the max!

Science and Health

While we know that time is never coming back, what life are we to live without our health? Sure modern medicine can handle many different ailments but more and more threats arise, every day… We are constantly at greater risk of jeopardizing our future quality of life! Do your part to maintain your health and that of your loved ones, focus on the immune system and it will focus on you!

Internet and Technology

While keeping us informed and connected, the internet has also become a source of income and liberty for many. Imagine working from home or a coffee shop, on your own time, making an income you really like! No more boss harassing you, no more never-ending commute, no more stress pressing down on your shoulders… Can you imagine giving your family more than just what they need? You, finally, giving them the things and the life they deserve! Contact me, let’s get started on your financial independence and on you living a better life!

What I Do

From online and direct marketing to IT solutions and technology my experience allows me to offer a unique perspective offering you consulting services to ultimately increase your bottom line.
Online and Network Marketing have been a growing tendency for years now. If you have a business or are thinking of becoming financially independent we can help you explore the best options and find what’s suited for you!
Building a business, creating a residual income and seeking constant growth is one thing; helping others achieve the same things is transcendent.

Current Ventures

ASDigital Media

ASDigital Media is a Digital Creative Agency. Offering website design services, social media strategies, branding, digital product creation and internet marketing.


4LifeWebStore.com is our web sales page for 4Life Research bio-tech products created to support your immune system.

BlogBiz Enterprises

BlogBizEnterprises is a digital product sales and publication venture featuring everything from in-person live training to downloadable e-books and videos.

Say Hello!

Feel free to contact me anytime! If you have any questions or comments I will attend to your comments personally. =)